Become a Sponsor

The Washington’s Birthday Celebration Association is a 501 c-4 civic non-profit organization that relies on generous support from corporate sponsors (of all levels); it is with this generous support that the WBCA is able to hold the annual festivities year after year, grant scholarships, and offer as many community minded events “free of charge” as are available today.

The Executive Director is in charge of securing sponsorships for the Celebration. The Executive Director works closely with the Public Relations & Marketing Manager and the Digital Marketing Manager to obtain the best return on investment for all WBCA sponsors, whether it be through printed marketing collateral that is produced in-house and distributed nationwide or via negotiations with other partners that also take “community ownership” over the celebration, such as top media executives with an eye for news and/or top business executives with an eye toward boosting the festival’s economic impact on the city.

WBCA boasts a wonderful partnership with the Laredo Convention & Visitor’s Bureau and all local and area media including local print, outdoor, television and radio; WBCA also boasts a strong partnership with top area city and county officials and businessmen. It is this partnership that attracts sponsors to WBCA.

The Washington’s Birthday Celebration has been around for over 120 years; it is the biggest festival in Laredo, Texas and is part of a beloved tradition. Because of its notoriety, sponsors are guaranteed an ROI that exceeds expectations – via sponsor mentions, networking and the promise of full news coverage from top media executives that partner with WBCA and offer phenomenal “added value” year after year.

The existing sponsorship program has proven successful as events continue to grow in scope and in quality to benefit the city’s constituents and make way for bigger celebrations in the years to come.

At the end of the year, participating sponsors receive a comprehensive “Sponsor Report,” which includes: a summary of expenditures, a breakdown of “added-value” received by the sponsor as a result of the business partnership with WBCA; and, a copy of all marketing materials utilized to carry out the various marketing campaigns (with samples of all marketing collateral used throughout the year, samples of print, online, outdoor, television & radio advertising.

Each report is tailored to show a summary of their year’s investment as well as a detailed breakdown of their year’s ROI. We strongly believe this is the best sponsorship program for an individual sponsor looking to maximize their ROI.

WBCA takes special care in thanking sponsors for their generous donations to our events and to the events of our affiliate organizations, and for making the celebration bigger year after year. Contracts vary depending on sponsorship level and can be tailored to fit any sponsor need.

Sponsors range from Title Sponsors (WBCA’s highest sponsor category), Event SponsorsIn-Kind Sponsors, and Official Hosts, who donate food, drinks and/or allow us to use their venues, stages, bleachers and/or other equipment/supplies free of charge.

There are three levels of sponsorships:

  • Title Sponsor
  • Event Sponsor
  • In-Kind Sponsor

In 2019, WBCA had over 30 sponsors that helped make the Celebration a grand success.

WBCA takes great care in cultivating strong partnerships and finding ways to constantly improve sponsorship opportunities. The Celebration’s dependability and its reputation in its community and surrounding areas, make it an ideal partner for any interested sponsor.

WBCA relies on generous support from our corporate sponsors to keep the events going each year. If you are interested in sponsoring a WBCA Event, please contact Celina Alvarado, WBCA Executive Director, at (956) 722-0589 or via email at